Like many movie buffs, Mark Orsillo Jr. was the proud owner of a massive movie collection. Unfortunately the Northern California resident recently lost his prized possessions and so much more when a wildfire (dubbed the “Wall Fire”) destroyed his home in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Orsillo, who has down syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder, spent years building his DVD collection and enjoyed watching his favorite flicks and TV shows in the studio apartment that his parents built for him on the ground level of their 2,300-square foot home.

Shortly after the fire, Orsillo’s sister Danielle Devine revealed in a post on Facebook that her brother was taking the loss hard and asked for help in rebuilding his collection.

“He is an OCD movie collector and lost hundreds of movies. He spends most of his free time watching, organizing and talking about his movies. This is very hard for him,” she wrote.

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According to Danielle, after only a few days Mark received over 300 DVDs.

“The movies are pouring in!” Mark shared on Facebook along with a picture of his growing pile of films.

As of this writing, Danielle’s post has more than 1,400 shares and, in addition to movie donations, Orsillo has received gift cards and clothes.

“The fact that people did this for him makes the loss of losing his house much easier,” Devine told ABC News. “In the next seven to eight months, when they’re rebuilding, and he’s living in an RV, he’s going to be able to watch his movies.”

A crowdfunding page was also started through You Caring in an effort to raise money for the family to build a new home. They’re currently halfway to their goal of $25,000. They plan to rebuild on the same property.

“It’s going to be better than ever,” Devine said. “Once the dust settles and we rebuild, it’s gonna be amazing.”

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(Photo Credit: Facebook / Mark on Life)