Josh West “The Voice” Audition Video: Watch “Ordinary World” Performance


Josh West Voice Audition Video


Josh West scored a four-chair turn-around during the Blind Auditions on Monday’s “The Voice.” Watch below!

Only 17 years old, the contestant admitted he was “trying to fight the nerves” before taking the stage. The teen already had experience, though, playing in a band with his father. “I’ve known since I was born I wanted to be a professional singer,” he confessed.

And now was his chance to get a big break, but it would be his first time performing without his dad. As promised, though, he “rocked the stage” with “Ordinary World.” Adam Levine hit his button first, with Gwen Stefani immediately following. Shortly after, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys simultaneously hit theirs. And all but Keys gave a standing ovation.

“You just got a four-chair turn!” Stefani told him afterward. Levine teased Shelton over seemingly being unfamiliar with Duran Duran, while Keys called it an “awe-inspiring performance.” Stefani went on to insist, “I’m almost positive I love your voice more than any of these coaches.”

But there was no denying West’s obvious musical bond with Levine, and he chose to join Team Adam. The Maroon 5 front man even said afterward, “It was like talking to a young me.” Check out the video below!

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