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“The View” Debates Democrats, Republicans And Divided Nation – WATCH VIDEO!

(ABC) (ABC) On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated the growing divide across the nation among Democrats and Republicans. Watch the video below. The episode, which was pre-taped on Thursday, began with the panel discussing Donald Trump admitting he doesn’t have any tapes of Jamey Comey, despite his previous tease and threat. Joy Behar then

Donald Trump Does NOT Wear “Adult Diapers,” Despite Speculation

(Getty Images) (Getty Images) No, Donald Trump was not photographed wearing “adult diapers,” contrary to a purely speculative and distasteful report about the president of the United States. A certain webloid took the time to peddle this ridiculousness, and now Gossip Cop is going to take the time to call it out. There’s actually a

Kelsey Grammer “Off Wagon,” “Food Binge” Story Is “Fiction”

(Getty Images) (Getty Images) Kelsey Grammer is not “off [the] wagon,” nor are there concerns about his health. A sensational new report is “fiction,” his rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop. With fake concern and a mean-spirited tone, RadarOnline exclaims in a headline on Friday, “Fatty Frasier Falls Off Wagon!” According to the accompanying story, Grammer’s

Charlie Sheen Sued For Exposing Ex “Jane Doe” To HIV

(Bravo via Getty Images) (Bravo via Getty Images) Charlie Sheen is being sued for allegedly exposing an ex-girlfriend, only identified as “Jane Doe,” to HIV through unprotected sex. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The legal documents refer to a “confidential male defendant” and do not mention Sheen by

Stephen Colbert: “I Am Considering A Run For President In 2020” (VIDEO)

(Evening Urgant) (Evening Urgant) Stephen Colbert joked on Russian TV that he’s “considering a run for president in 2020.” Watch the video below. As Gossip Cop reported, Colbert is in Russia to tape special segments for “The Late Show.” On Friday, he appeared on one of the country’s own late-night programs, called “Evening Urgant.” During

Donald Trump Jr. Slams Johnny Depp With Amber Heard Abuse Allegations

(Getty Images) (Getty Images) Donald Trump, Jr. has slammed Johnny Depp for his alleged abuse of Amber Heard after the actor apologized for his remarks about killing the president. As Gossip Cop reported, Depp joked about assassinating Donald Trump while at the Glastonbury Festival in England on Thursday night. By Friday morning, video of the

“The Big Sick” is one of the year’s best films so far

We’re reaching the point in the year where some top notch counter programming is about to be released. In fact, today we get one of 2017’s best films overall in The Big Sick. This movie is a supremely entertaining romantic comedy that quickly reveals itself to be much more than just that. At the beginning,